The nation's favorite pub crawl company since 2015!

We have been perfecting the crawl experience for a long time now, and have created a brand that is trusted nationwide!  Starting out in SoCal, we formed a family of event coordinators dedicated to excellence and the determination to go the extra mile. There are many bar crawl companies these days, and it can be tricky to know who is worth booking with.  Some companies will simply hand you a wristband, then send their staff home - seriously!  Our staff are on hand all the way for assistance and to hand out free gifts, merchandise, as well as games & prizes.  This makes us rare and able to meet the challenge of guaranteeing your birthday/bachelorette/special occasion is a winner!

Innovation, Quality, Fun!

In 2016, we founded the nation's first touring Onesie Bar Crawl.  Much imitated, never bettered, there are now many other Onesie Crawls who took inspiration from us - we are flattered!  2018 saw us create the nation's first touring Wizard Crawl, Wizards Assemble, a huge favorite across the country ever since, with a commitment to themed cocktails, costume competitions, games and trivia!   We then expanded on this concept in 2019 with Trivia Crawl, the world's first touring Trivia Bar Crawl!!  This event was a fan fave, with events such as That's What She Said and We Were On A Break making use of high-tech software to allow real time trivia competitions between all crawlers from any bar! 

We are also proud to have created the first touring
Wing Crawl in 2020, as well as the Bacon & Booze Crawl.  With almost 1,000 events under our belt, over 100,000 customers and 70,000 social media followers,  we are back for 2022 and ready to go!